We love what we do!

We like you, have a passion for golf. As you know this passion cannot be explained, predicted, or replicated just as the sensation you feel after striking that perfect ball. The sound, the feel, and sight of your power surging through the shaft as that little white ball rockets through the air. This is the reason why we come back day after day, week after week, and year after year. Why your amazing drive on the 18th cures all your woes from the previous 17, we get it. We love it. We can’t stop it.

Unfortunately, many times we don’t strike that perfect ball or hit that perfect shot and we find ourselves in trouble. Sometimes those shots find the Woods, Ponds, Fescue, Roads, Alligators, Golfers on the opposite fairway who are now the proud owners of our golf balls. We try diligently to find our balls (unless the gator has it) but many times to no avail, the ball is lost. Now whether you take your stroke or use that infamous “Mulligan” (we won’t judge that’s between you and the golf gods) BUT this is where we can help.

We WILL go into the woods, DIVE into ponds, MOW the deepest Fescue, SLAY the Alligator (only with a permit, ok ok we aren’t doing that) and distract the other golfers (usually with a beer) all to find your lost balls. We then clean, sort, sanitize, and prepare them just for you by HAND. Yes we clean and inspect EVERY ball by hand. Our COO is very HANDS ON and will not comprise quality!

We love this game and are determined to give you a more cost effective option to play this great game but we also want to give back. A portion of all profits go directly to Arnie’s Army. It’s our way of giving back to help our kids experience this great game.


We Give Back!


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We believe our children deserve every opportunity that this world has to offer. Teaching key core values should always be an elemental part of our culture. The values of character, respect and integrity are the foundation that support the development of children and youth. The manner in which these values can be developed varies from providing the right environment for them to be taught to removing obstacles from their path. We believe that children and youth should be given the opportunity to develop the tools and values that will allow them to achieve success in life.


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The First Tee has established Nine Core Values that represent some of the many inherently positive values connected with the game of golf.  By participating in The First Tee, kids are introduced to these core values which are incorporated throughout the program. Parents are encouraged to reinforce these behaviors by talking about them, what they mean and what these behaviors can look like at home.


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