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Maxfli features three families of golf balls – Revolution, Softfli, and U/Series. Revolution Balls feature a large core with a high coefficient of restitution maximizes the initial ball speed, while the ionomer cover delivers a soft feel that provides more feedback than other, comparable golf balls. Softfli balls Achieve longer, straighter distance with an exceptional feel when you use the Maxfli Softfli golf ball. Compared to the 85 compression of the Maxfli Revolution, the 35 compression of the Softfli provides a softer feel and more feedback. U/6 Tour X features a 6-piece construction and straight-flight benefits, now we’ve optimized the design to provide longer distance off the tee. The U/6 Tour X golf ball is designed to provide longer distance for faster swing speeds, using a Tour-trusted urethane cover and Maxfli’s known 6-piece, straight-flight construction. Try our used Maxfli golf balls, they are just like new!

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