Giving Back

We believe our children deserve every opportunity that this world has to offer. Teaching key core values should always be an elemental part of our culture. The values of character, respect and integrity are the foundation that support the development of children and youth. The manner in which these values can be developed varies from providing the right environment for them to be taught to removing obstacles from their path. We believe that children and youth should be given the opportunity to develop the tools and values that will allow them to achieve success in life.

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That’s why we choose to donate part of all our profits to Arnie’s Army. Arnold Palmer was an ambassador for the game of golf, he was an example of the integrity this game demands and lived every day showing that example. Arnie’s Army is marching toward a better tomorrow. We believe we have a responsibility to invest in our children’s future giving those who are unable, all the advantages life has to offer. We believe that Arnie’s Army’s core values are most aligned with ours and we will do everything possible to assist in his mission.

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