PGA Tour and FedEx Cup Explained!

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PGA Tour and FedEx Cup Explained!

The 2019 PGA Tour Season was arguably one of the best seasons in PGA Tour history.  Whether it was Tiger’s comeback win at The Master’s, Brook Koepka’s amazing season, or Rory’s win of the Tour Championship and Fedex cup, this past year was absolutely amazing.  After watching the end of Tour Championship I started thinking about the 2020 season, when did it start?  Was it going to be called the same?  Where were the majors going to be played?  Which inspired me to write this blog.  You are about to read the following information related to the PGA Tour:

    1. Overview of the PGA Tour Season
    2. FedEx Cup Explained


Overview of the PGA Tour Season and the FedEx Cup Championship

FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup was established in 2007, it was created to establish a season long “tournament” which gives PGA Tour players the opportunity to win an incredible amount of money but more importantly rewards the Tour players who have  played consistently well through-out the entire season and the one player who can handle the pressure of the FedEx playoffs.

The season is 38 events which starts at the end of October and ends at the end of August the following year.

At the end of each season the top 125 ranked players in the FedEx standing complete in 3 tournaments, prior to 2019 it was 4 tournaments.  Points earned throughout the season carry over into the playoffs.

The FedEx cup playoffs have a progressive cut, which means the field gets smaller after every tournament.

The first tournament, The Northern Trust at Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey, features 125 golfers.  The Northern Trust cuts players down to 70 after 36 holes then awarding the final winner 2000 points to their FedEx cup standings.

Second tournament, BMW Championship at Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois, cuts down to just 70 golfers.  The winner is awarded 2000 points added to the FedEx cup standings.

Just 30 players for the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia.  The Tour Championship is scored a bit differently than the previous tournaments.  Whoever is leading the FedEx cup standings starts the Tour Championship at 10 under par.  The No. 2 player will start at 8 under. The No. 3 player starts at 7 under; the No. 4 player starts at 6 under; the No. 5 player starts at 5 under. Players 6-10 start at 4 under; players 11-15 start at 3 under; players 16-20 start at 2 under; players 21-25 start at 1 under; and players 26-30 start at even par.

The winner will be the golfer with the lowest total over 72 holes PLUS the starting strokes from the FedEx Cup standings.  Needless to say, the FedEx cup standings matter and could be the difference in winning 15 million in cash!


Image showing the starting position based on FedEx cup standings Summary

No matter if you love or hate the new format for the PGA Tour, we think it’s here to stay.  In the past it seemed like after the final major the PGA Tour Season ended and with the insertion of this great championship us crazy golf fans have more awesome golf to watch!

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